Custom Trailers Made to Your Specifications!

custom trailers in Brisbane

It can be difficult to find the right trailer to suit your specific needs and desires, and we understand that your choice of trailer is an important one. Here at McNeill Trailers & Sheds, we offer great deals on diesel trailers, goosenecks, horse floats, plant trailers, semi-trailers, tag trailers, tow packages, and water trailers. In addition to our extensive stock of tank trailers, and box trailers, we provide custom trailers to meet your individual needs.


Our customized solutions allow you t design custom trailers of your selected size, style, and materials. We also offer quality in design and a team of experts available to assist you in choosing the most suitable trailer options.


We take pride in our service and endeavour to provide you with products that are competitive in performance and pricing. Customer service is our number one priority, and our custom trailers and stock offerings play a big role in our service delivery.


Select From Multiple Interior and Exterior Options 

Our team is available to recommend trailer features that match your cost, safety,and style needs and based on the current and future needs of the goods you are hauling, including size, safety, and ventilation. You also want to keep in mind aspects like lighting and insulation.


Selection of construction materials is important when designing a trailer. Choose from materials, such as steel, aluminium, and wood. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in these and other choices based on your needs for strength, resistance to corrosion, cost, and maintenance. We will also keep in mind your functionality requirements for tasks like loading and unloading.


You may also choose to browse our stock of trailers and then add options based on your unique requirements. Speak to our team about any rear door features you require, as well as specifications for interior height, trailer size, vents, and wall material. Our specifications page allows you to select essential trailer features, such as trailer hitch type options, such as gooseneck or fifth wheel.


Custom trailers will be designed according to your desired hitch type, box size, width, interior height, cargo weight, axle, and rear door options. Options for exterior colour, sidewall type, wheels, jack, window and door features are available. We also offer insulation, electrical alternatives, and a selection of materials for ceiling and flooring.


Tailored Design Process to Meet Your Needs

Finding your ideal custom trailers in Brisbane should not be complicated, especially when you are running a farm or small business! You depend on your trailer to safely and effectively transport your goods, equipment, and/or machinery. We are committed to providing safe and durable products for your cargo.


With over a decade in experience, McNeill Trailers & Sheds is dedicated to meeting your individual trailer specifications with high quality and service. As a small business, we understand your concerns and are ready to accommodate and adapt to your unique needs. We are happy to answer any of your questions, and our team will listen closely to your concerns in order to provide the best trailer solutions around.