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If you need semi trailers in Brisbane, come and check out the range at McNeill Trailers & Sheds. We stock all types of trailers. We offer a trailer fit-out service and great tow packages in Brisbane. We also consign and trade trailers and vehicles. We even design and construct semi trailers to better suit your specialised needs. We can take care of all of your trailer needs.

Our Semi Trailers near Brisbane Offer Great Advantages

There are many advantages of purchasing semi trailers near Brisbane from McNeill Trailers & Sheds. Our trailers can be coupled and uncoupled quickly. In the event that your vehicle breaks down, a tractor unit can be brought out quickly. Also, because of the longer length of the cargo bed, a semi trailer can haul really long objects. It's even possible to use a dolly to tow a semi trailer behind a suitable truck or behind another semi trailer.

If your business requires a semi trailer to get the job done, check out our store. We are knowledgeable and professional. We are here to serve you. Our friendly staff members are happy to assist you with any information you need and answer all your questions.

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Check Out McNeill Trailers & Sheds for Semi Trailers in Brisbane

McNeill Trailers & Sheds manufactures a whole range of trailers in addition to our semi trailers in Brisbane. We also have a great stock of horse floats, goosenecks, box trailers and tag trailers in Brisbane, amongst others.If we don't have what you need our experience team can customise your perfect trailer.

We have the best personal service in the business and we take great pride in our high level of customer satisfaction. We were established in 2001 and have many years of previous experience in the trailer industry. You are truly at an advantage shopping with us because of our great work ethic and experience in our craft. We are sure that you won't be disappointed with our offerings.

In addition to our great skills and service, we can also take care of your legal needs. We are a licensed motor dealer. We can register trailers here at our shop. We also offer warranties, such as 12 months for parts and labour and five years on horse float axles.

When you need semi trailers in Brisbane, let our team at McNeill Trailers & Sheds take care of you. Give us a call for a quote or visit us online today!

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