The Advantages of Mowing Trailers

Mowing Trailers in Brisbane

Mowing trailers are essential if you are a part of the landscaping business. Without one, it can be impossible to transport the proper equipment to the location of your work site. It is important that you get the trailer that will make your business look and seem as professional as the service it provides. At McNeill Trailers & Sheds, we provide the trailers that can make the way your business is operated more efficient, while giving off a good image to potential customers.


Trailers make for a convenient place to store and organize all of the tools you work with, besides the actual mower. Racks on the trailer can secure delicate or heavy equipment, such as chainsaws or leaf blowers. Smaller tools can be placed in boxes that you can tuck into corners, preventing them from spilling or becoming misplaced in a messy vehicle. A good trailer can also be used to store the clippings of cut grass until you can dispose of them elsewhere.


You cannot do your job without the proper equipment. Hauling around a mower and tossing your tools into your truck is unprofessional and can turn off potential customers. Mowing trailers are an investment that will last for years, and earn you a lot more money than it cost. There are no limits to the benefits that a quality trailer will have to your landscaping business.


Determining What Type of Mowing Trailer You Need

No matter what, purchasing a trailer for your landscaping company will provide benefits that will help your business boom. Despite this, not all mowing trailers are the same. There are different designs of trailers, each with their own added, unique advantages. Because prices vary based on design and make of the trailer, it is important to decide which kind will be the most useful for you. That way, you can save money and maximize the profit you gain from your trailer.


The biggest distinguishing factor among trailers on the market is whether they are open, or enclosed. Both types of trailers have their advantages and disadvantages, so choosing one depends on what you are willing to sacrifice. See us at McNeill Trailers & Sheds for quality open and closed trailers and advice on which kind will work for you.


Open trailers are cheaper and can be loaded from the top. They also provide more room for hauling debris, as any waste can be stacked on top and secured with rope or chords. Trailers that are open can also make it easier when going in reverse or turning. However they can leave all of your equipment exposed to the elements, and do not provide much in the way of security.


Closed trailers tend to cost more, but come with benefits that open trailers cannot match. Enclosed mowing trailers in Brisbane provide security and safety for your equipment, while having more surface area that can be used to customize it to your specific needs. They provide a place to store your equipment when you are not working, which eliminates the need for extra storage place. The sides of a trailer can be used to advertise your business, so that potential customers can see your brand name while you drive to your next job.


Customizing Your Trailer

It is possible to customize your trailer so that you can get the most work possible out of it. Several accessories are available that will add safety and storage space to mowing trailers. These include holders for heavy equipment, or transport racks for rakes or shovels. The trailers we sell at McNeill Trailers & Sheds are all fully customizable. We can help with advice on what accessories will benefit you the most, and how to install them.


Whether you need an open or closed trailer, and whatever custom options you decide on, we at McNeill Trailers & Sheds can help with advice and quality trailers at reasonable prices. Contact us, or visit our website at